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Right to be Forgotten

MailMunch customers: If you received a request to be forgotten from one of your subscribers, you can go to your account and delete that subscriber. Or, you can fill out the form below and MailMunch will then delete that subscriber and any records of them from your account.

Please direct questions to

Right to be Forgotten

Customer Account Information

Tell us about your MailMunch account so we can find the right account to delete data from. Note: this form is for MailMunch customers only. If you want to be removed from the email list of a MailMunch customer please reach out to them directly.

Subscriber to be Deleted

Enter the information of the subscriber you would like completely deleted from your account.

After you submit your request, our team will verify your identity and then process it over the next 14 days. You are then responsible for notifying your subscriber they have been forgotten from MailMunch's systems.